How do copyright laws apply to me?

Copyright is the thing that protects you, the writer, from any use of your material without

your consent. It secures your work against unauthorized use for seventy years after

your death. The Canadian government's guide to copyright. 

It is generally felt that the moment you finish a manuscript it is yours and is protected. Even as you are writing, it is your intellectual property. Because this is arguable, it is advisable to take steps to ensure there is some record of the book 's completion date.

Colin Thornton, a well-respected author from New Brunswick, as well as others put their works in an a well-sealed envelope and mail it to themselves. The post office date stamp is proof of a fixed date of the work's existence. The most important part is that you leave the envelope sealed until it is needed in a legal dispute. This practice has passed legal court tests on more than one occasion. For more rugged proof of ownership, the Canadian government does have a registration process. However, there is a charge for this process. The previously mentioned link will lead to all you need to know about that.