Merlin Star Press


Welcome to the Merlin Star Press Submission Guidelines.

We are currently open for Submissions.

At the moment our goal is to find eager South Eastern New Brunswick writers whom we can help reach the goal of having their completed manuscripts published.

    1. At the moment we are considering fiction, general interest submissions.

    2. We are not considering poetry, children’s books, erotica, graphic novels, short stories, guide books, sports, cooking, young or new adult, memoir, autobiography, photo, self help, travel, how to, religious, or similar.

    3. You can be a new or previously published author.

    4. You are not required to have a literary agent.

    5. Please notify us if your manuscript is accepted elsewhere or you wish to withdraw it from our consideration.

    6. We only accept submissions for completed manuscripts.

    7. We do require the following information (to be filled out using the form below):

We will contact you shortly after receiving this information and based on it, we may or may not ask you to submit your full manuscript. One way or another we will keep you informed and you will not be “ghosted” or left out of the process.

While we will stay in close contact with you for this entire process, please realize that it generally takes a long time to bring a book from brain to bookshelf.

Online Submission Form 

IF we ask for your full manuscript, please: